Mobile SEO Made Simple

10 Best Mobile SEO Practices to Follow in 2014

mobile seo made simple - Top 10 steps for mobile seo for 2014It's that time of year when online marketing experts are sharing their predictions and advice for what businesses marketing on the web should be prepared for in the upcoming year. Without a doubt the most obvious and talked about trend busineses should be paying attention to is mobile search and making sure their web sites are properly "mobilized." An easy definition of mobile search engine optimization (SEO) is ensuring that a web site gives mobile visitors what they are looking for in the manner that best suits their device in hand.  As Google says, "It's time to take action and not just do mobile but do mobile right!

Honestly, I'm still in the process of getting my own web site mobile optimized for the new year and in doing so I came across these 10 simple mobile search engine optimization best practices to follow in 2014 offered on I thought would be helpful to share.

  1. Make it mobile – mobile optimization and search optimization go hand-in-hand.
  2. Make the most of mobile – use mobile devices’ unique capabilities to serve your visitors better.
  3. Mobile is different – mobile and PC users search for different things.
  4. Good housekeeping – apply the basic rules of Web design and SEO will follow.
  5. Content is king – the three stages of compelling content.
  6. Mobile friendly or mobile optimized? – use the type of mobile site that suits your customers and your requirements.
  7. Make it local – locality and timeliness is more important to mobile searchers than PC searchers.
  8. Make it social – make it easy for people to recommend you.
  9. Make it fast – your mobile site should load on a smartphone in 1 second.
  10. Don’t hide content in apps – Web search engines can’t search in-app content.

To get more detail on each of these steps you can read the full mobile seo article here

Additionally, I also recommend bookmarking the Google Mobile Playbook full of the search king's best guidance on winning the battle with mobile. 

I'm curious to know in the comments below if you are preparing for mobile traffic on your web site in 2014 and any challenges are encountering or any successes or suggestions you would be willing to share. And of course if you have found this article helpful, please feel free to share. 

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