3 Lessons about the Future of Social Media

Have you read Brian Solis‘ recent article titled, “The End of Social Media 1.0?” If not, I highly suggest you do. It is a thought-provoking discussion about the future of social media backed by his expertise and a powerful punch of social statistics.

According to Brian, “businesses are facing a cross-roads at the intersection of social and media.”

While still soaring with intense upward momentum, trends indicate social media will at some point hit a plateau that will require businesses/brands to be more even more creative and engaged in listening as they compete for consumer attention.  We are not reaching an end to social media as we know it but rather a point at which the industry is ready to move into a new stage of maturation.

Brian further points out, “Talking isn’t the only thing that makes social media social. Just like adding Facebook, Twitter and other sharing buttons will not magically transform static content into shareable experiences. Listening, learning and adapting is where the real value of social media will show its true colors. Listening leads to a more informed business. Engagement unlocks empathy and innovation. But it is action and adaptation that leads to relevance. And, it never ends.”

I couldn’t agree more!

The 3 biggest lessons Brian would like us think about regarding the future of social media:

1) Businesses must first realize that there’s more to social media than just managing an active presence, driven by an active editorial calendar. Listening is key and within each conversation lies a clue to earn relevance and ultimately establish leadership.

2) Consumers want to be heard. Social media will have to break free form the grips of marketing in order to truly socialize the enterprise to listen, engage, learn, and adapt. You can’t create a social business if the business is not designed to be customer-centric from the outside-in and the inside-out.

3) Social media becomes an extension of active listening and engagement. Strategies, programs, and content are derivative of insights, catalysts for innovation, and messengers of value. More importantly, social media becomes a platform for the brand and the functions that consumers deem mandatory. From marketing to HR to service to R&D, brands will expand the role they play in social networking to make the acts of following and sharing an investment in a more meaningful relationship.

And finally, Brian sums up the future of social media in just one word–“value!”

Learn more by reading the full article: “End to Social Media 1.o.”


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