Are you socially alert?

How socially alert are you? The new social web is all about real-time information and engagement. I recently discovered a super cool tool that has helped me with “keeping it real” in my social media management business that I thought would help you too.

As a huge Google Alerts fan it is no surprise that I would be drawn to the social media equivalent, Just like in Google Alerts, you can enter a keyword or phrase you want to be alerted about whenever it is found on the web. With you can do the exact same thing for your targeted terms only receive true user-generated results collected from 100+ social sites in a single stream. I highly recommend this tool for real-time tracking and analyzing of what is being said on the social web about you, your company, your competition, industry chatter and more.
Here is a screenshot of a real time search I did of the “Florida Keys.”

Consider the many possibilities this tool can lend you to keep an edge on your competition. For instance, be the first to know if someone posted a status update about requesting recommendations for a good restaurant or hotel in your area? If you are realtor, set up an alert to catch those talking about moving to your area and be the first to offer them your services.

The tool also offers a widget you can install on your site/blog that enables you display real-time information on any desired topic.
Try it out for yourself at, but I warn you it can be addicting.


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