Back to School Social Media Reading List

The end of summer means just one thing–it is time to start thinking about getting “Back to School.” And if you are like me, there are so many things left on my summer-to-do list and not much time left to do them. Right at the top of my unfinished summer to-do-list is all the summer social media reading I had hoped to do. Somewhere between starting my new social media management business, spending quality “summer time” with my husband and 4-year-old daughter, real-life/in-person “socializing” with visiting family and friends and so on, I let my summer reading list slip through the cracks.  So now my new plan is turn my summer reading list into my Back to School reading list.

I thought perhaps others might like to join me in my back to school reading quest so I am sharing my reading list below:

1. Launch by Michael Stelzner
LaunchI purchased this book after reading the author’s free first chapter. I couldn’t believe how much I learned just from the first chapter so had to have the book. I’m currently about half way through the book and it hasn’t disappointed me. It is an especially good book for me since I am just starting out “launching” my new business but I think the principles he teaches can be used at any stage a business owner might be in. He provides such great detail and so much information I may end up reading it twice.

2. Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki
I decided I wanted to read this book after watching a webinar the author Guy Kawasaki offered called “Semper Social” where he gave a preview to the 12 tactics he recommends in the book for being truly “enchanting.” If you would like a preview of his “daily dozen” check out my blog post I wrote that outlines the 12 tactics for enchantment.

3. Trust Agents by Chris Brogan
This book is a New York Times Best Seller I can’t wait to read. The book focuses on using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust.

4. Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk
I actually listened to this via audiobook at the start of the summer and it was perfect timing for me because I had just left a really good job with a successful internet marketing company to go out on my own to start a social media management company. Gary is so inspirational and convinced meme I was doing the right thing by following my passion and by doing so I can’t help but succeed. I enjoyed the audiobook so much that I also want to read the book as well. Even better, I hear the book is also available in Vook (video book). You can check it out here:

So, in the spirit of “back to school” I will be sure to prepare some good ol’ fashioned book reports (online versions of course) for your review and maybe even some “Cliff Notes” for those that have trouble finding time to read as well. Please be sure to wish me luck in my reading quest in the comment section below and also please share any other good social media / online marketing books you suggest as well.


  • ClaireTolerJohnson

    Hey Shirley,

    I am always impressed with your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me understand how to promote my business in the fast paced world of technology.

  • Thanks for the kudos! 🙂

  • ShirleyWilson

    @Michael Stelzner Thanks for stopping by Mike. I can’t wait to finish your book!