The Digital Christmas Story

After just setting up our table-top nativity scene and reading the story of Christmas with my 5-year-old,  I remembered this short video that so perfectly tells the social media age version of the same Christmas story. Even though this video is a couple years old now it is still a fun holiday treat to share.  I hope it will provide you a good giggle the way it did me. And let's not forget, religion was truly the first thing to go viral in this world. Thanks to ExcentricPT for their humorous and creative talents for bringing this most wonderful story to life with today's technological advances. I can't wait to see how they tell it 10 years from now!

Wishing everyone a super social holiday season!

  • This is so cute and I think I’ll have to share it one day before christmas too! Thanks for visiting with me on my blog! I really am enjoying getting to know you!

  • Hey Shirley – As a Christian I was cautious about watching this at first but it is great – very clever – thanks for sharing

  • Ah I already commented and hadn’t signed in with anything.- love this video!

  • This is a great video, made me laugh. Happy holidays to you!