Facebook announcement to rock our social world

As I’m sure you are now aware, Facebook just launched several big changes to its platform including redesigned Friend Lists, a real-time news feed ticker and subscribe button. As a quick recap:

  • New Smart Friend Lists let you share content with just your closest friends or acquaintances. (Or other lists you can customize on your own)
  • News Feed Ticker lets you have real-time conversations/interactions with your friends
  • Subscribe lets you fill your News Feed with people you admire and respect without a formal friendship.

You can get a detailed review of all the recent Facebook updates here.

If you think these changes are big, apparently we ain’t seen nothing nothing yet. According to social media leaders such as Ben Parr at Mashable, the Facebook announcements expected to be revealed at F8 Developers Conference in San Francisco will be the biggest news since the Facebook launched it’s platform.

“I have seen what Facebook is launching on Thursday, and it’s going to change the world of social media,” said Parr. ” And while I won’t talk about the mind-boggling things Facebook will be launching, I will say this: The Facebook you know and (don’t) love will be forever transformed.”

Facebook’s core quest is still to be the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it is located. However, Facebook now aims to take their user connections to a deeper, more emotional level.

Stay tuned to my blog as I’ll be following the Facebook news closely. Get ready because it looks like Facebook is about to rock our social world!

For more insight into the F8 announcements today, read this article by Mashable.


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