Facebook for business: 2013 trend indicates consumers expecting more value and rewards

Facebook for Business by Shirley WilsonMaybe you heard it already, but Facebook hit 1 billion users back in October 2012, a quantum leap from registering a mere 600 million two years prior, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

So how does Facebook for business embrace this social media channel to start reaping the joys of new customers, new revenue streams and a host of referrals from your loyal fans?

Consider Facebook as one gigantic ballroom, full of prospects and filled with other business owners like you looking across a sea of faces hoping to ‘connect’ with a slew of customers.

What’s needed, as you can well imagine, is a way to stand out in the crowd, a compelling swag, if you will, to turn a few heads your way.

But it’s more than getting a few glances, a few ‘likes:’ What really counts is you ability to ‘walk’ across that ballroom floor, maneuvering through the masses, to stand in front of your prospect…and start a conversation.

More importantly, your prospect is going to expect something in return from your bu siness for sharing personal traits, buying habits and information that defines him or her.

According to a post by Inc columnist, Howard Tullman, “2013 Trend: Social Media Will Get Bigger,” consumers will start expecting more awards and promotional items, along with a nod to “virtual currency.”

"Consumers are starting to understand the value of their information and asking to be compensated, whether with badges, rewards, preferred pricing, or discounts and perks." 

This is also the year for savvy marketers and business owners to keep an eye on the smaller social media channels that seem to be evolving; they may offer unique ways to market in a more geographic manner, such as Path with a limit of 150 people per ‘cubicle.’

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  • Great information, Shirley — a nice mix of trends and imagery. I love the ballroom metaphor! Thank you for sharing this.

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  • Edmund Lee

    Helpful info you have here Shirley. Despite all the changes occurring, there is def still some value when it comes to using facebook for business and engaging with your audience.

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