Facebook Removed Your Email Address – How to Get it Back!

Facebook changes email addressesIn a recent Facebook update, your personal email address (the one listed on your About section of your Timeline) was automatically removed and replaced with an @Facebook.com email address. This email is delivered to your “messages” section of your profile. This is no doubt a tactic by the world’s number one social network to keep more of your daily online activities on Facebook.  If keeping your own contact email address in the About section of your Timeline is important to you, Lifehacker.com has offered the following four steps for you to put it back. 

1. Click “About” on your profile and scroll down to your email address. Click “Edit” to change them.

2. Click on the circle next to your Facebook email address and change its setting to “Hidden From Timeline”.

3. Click on the circle next to your other email addresses and change their settings to “Shown On Timeline”.

4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit popup (Don’t forget this step).

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