Five ways to make the most of your Facebook Timeline

Effective March 30, 2012, Facebook officially switched all users and brand pages to their new “Timeline.” The latest format is designed to provide an enhanced social space for businesses to express identity, engage audiences and respond in a quicker and more personal way. The image-heavy, app-driven new interface is certain to forever change how businesses network on the social web.   Here are five quick tips to help you make the most of your business’ new Facebook timeline.

  1. 1. Cover Image: The new cover image offers increased real estate to express your business identity. You now have 851 pixels  x 315 pixels to inspire your visitors with visually appealing graphics, images and messaging.  Just be sure to follow the Facebook cover guidelines that restrict you from including pricing information (40% off, etc.), contact information, references to “like” or “share” or other calls to action.
  2. 2. Milestones: You can now define current and past key moments for your business using the “milestones” feature. Basically you can retell your entire business story back to day one by adding opening dates and images, product launchings, new partnerships, events, achievements and more.  When adding milestones, I recommend not adding them all at once because they will all appear in your fans’ newsfeeds and you might appear to be “over-posting.”
  3. 3. Messages: Facebook has opened the door for quicker and more personal communication between your business page and fans with the addition of “messages.” Fans can now send a private message to any business page who has enabled the feature.  Be sure to check the top right corner of your admin panel often so you will always be quick to respond to your private messages.
  4. 4. Highlight and Pin: Take control of how your content is viewed on your page by utilizing the highlight and pin features available on your status update bar. Pin a post to make it remain at the top of your timeline for up to seven days.  Use the highlight function to position any post to stand out across the full width of the page.
  5. 5. Apps: While you can no longer set your default landing tab (app), you can still direct your traffic to a specific app url to control where your visitors land.   Get creative by adding custom thumbnail images for each of your apps and choose the order you would like for them to appear.

Adjusting to the way content is viewed and shared on Facebook’s Timeline may take some time but the sooner you understand and embrace the new format the sooner you will realize success on the world’s largest social network.

If you need help making the most of your Facebook Timeline, you are welcome to contact me here.


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