Get to Know Google Plus, Notes & News on Google’s Social Network

google plusA big thank you to Mari Smith for organizing an impromptu webinar Thursday night (6/30/11) to discuss the impact of Google +, Google’s new social network. I haven’t yet been privileged enough to get my invite to try out Google + but I am patiently waiting “on the list.” You can get on the Google Plus wait list too. The platform is currently is “trial” mode and they are only letting a limited number of people participate in the trial. You can also take a Google Plus Tour.

Here are some of my notes from the impromptu online chat with Mari. Below my notes I am also including some of the best reviews/articles I have found about Google + in the first couple days post announcement.  Of course the internet is exploding with reviews so by the time this post gets online there will be a gazillion more out there but these are good, first impression insights from trusted social media resources.The reviews I have read have been overwhelmingly positive which is very exciting for us social media addicts and the future of the social web as a whole.

*Mari describes Google Plus as an asymmetrical, non-reciprocal platform, operating somewhat like twitter lists. You can put as many people as you want in your circles but they don’t have to reciprocate by following, friending or liking you.

*Keep in mind that while Facebook has the longest session time on the internet, Google still has number ranking.

*Mari is definitely impressed with Google + but doesn’t see it as a Facebook killer. Rather she sees it as some healthy competition for Google.

*Mari pointed out that social media has become so powerful because it is human nature and a fundamental desire for people to want to connect with each other.

*It is not recommend people race out and set up business profiles on Google + just yet. See article below for more on this topic.

*Google + offers the ability to organize your whole web community and experience.

*”Google+ rocks because it is like the online reach of twitter and the feel of community on Facebook.” (from Stephanie Davis, webinar participant)

*Cool Facebook app shared by Kevin Mullett @kmullett called designed to help organize your friend lists like Google + does. Check it out:, I did and it is pretty cool. Creating facebook groups/lists is a function that is a little hidden in Facebook. For quick and easy instructions, check out my How to create a Facebook group video tutorial.

google plus features


Some key features of Google +:

*Super easy drag and drop features
*Hangout: group video chat
*Huddles: group messaging
*Circles of Friends: Like Friend lists/groups but more private
*Sparks: A “share” engine, great content sharing tool
*Google Chrome has an extension where you can export Facebook friends to google +

Here is a good collection of articles explaining and reviewing Google plus just after it launched:

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Please share any insights you have or additional resources you have discovered in the comments below.



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