How One Real Estate Company is Succeeding with Social Media

I have had the pleasure of working with several Florida Keys Real Estate companies over the years helping them improve their online marketing presence. I am a huge believer that social media is the perfect platform for realtors to use to grow their business if done the right way.

Unfortunately what I often find on real estate blogs and their respective facebook and twitter sites is an extension of their advertising instead of an extension of their customer conversations, engagement and outreach. Social media, including blogs, should be used as a place to offer expertise on topics relevant to customer needs and solutions to common problems rather a place to advertise listings and services. I’m not saying realtors shouldn’t promote listings but listing information shouldn’t be the only content they distribute. Also finding ways to wrap that listing information into deeper market insights and make it relevant and meaningful to their audience’s needs may go a long way to improving engagement.

Here is an excellent video interview I recently discovered with the Chief Marketing Officer of the national real estate brand Century 21, Bev Thorne. In the interview, Thorne reveals some of the tactics her highly successful real estate company is utilizing to grow their business with social media.  She specifically discusses what real estate companies should and shouldn’t do on their blogs and social sites and how Century 21 has been successful engaging home buyers and sellers with their campaigns.

Here is the video:


The real estate market is more competitive than ever and fortunately social media offers more opportunity than ever to be competitive. I welcome your comments and questions below.


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