How Social Marketing Works

According to Social Media Examiner’s  2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Facebook remains the leading social media network for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). The report indicates 86% of B2B and 96% B2C marketers use Facebook as a marketing tool for their business.

3 step approach to social media successSo what is the key to Facebook marketing success?

The answer to this ever-popular online marketing question just may lie in a new whitepaper titled, “Power of the Like 2: How Social Marketing Works, .

The paper, co-produced by Facebook and comScore, encourages businesses to move past fan acquisition, perhaps the most common obsession by Facebook marketers, and concentrate on core Facebook elements such as reach, engagement and measurable ROI.  To understand how to social marketing works, need we look much farther than the social giant’s explanation below?

“Facebook represents a unique marketing channel that enables Paid, Earned and Owned Media to be leveraged to create a virtuous cycle of brand impact. Brands use display ads and other paid media (Paid) to attract Fans to the Brand Page (Owned), which serves as a platform for marketing communications that reach Fans and Friends of Fans (Earned) in the News Feed and other sections of the web site. “

With Facebook business page as the center of any social media strategy, the paper suggests the following three-step approach to  social marketing success :

  • Fan Reach: Exposure in the News Feed
  • Engagement: Fans interacting with Brand Page marketing content
  • Amplification: Expanding reach by promoting content to Friends of Fans through both earned and paid means.

To get the full scoop on Facebook’s social media strategy, download the white paper here.

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