How to check your Facebook Privacy Settings

I just ran across a Facebook post by Facebook guru Mari Smith that was a great reminder about the importance of checking checking your Facebook privacy settings and permissions from time to time. With so many apps out there today connecting through Facebook and often requiring some rather invasive permissions including what apps can share and post.

To check your Facebook application settings, go to this link: You can also check by going to: Privacy > Apps & Websites > Edit Settings.

Here are Mari Smith’s personal suggestions for Facebook application privacy settings:

1) Delete any apps you never use.
2) Double check what each app has access to; click Remove next to some settings, if available and you wish to revoke access to that feature.
3) Edit the App privacy. I have almost all mine set to Only me.


Huffington Post Facebook Application Settings

Huffington Post Facebook Application Settings

Here is a screenshot of one of my app permissions settings for the Huffington Post. As Mari points out, the Huffington Post is a super reliable and trusted source but is it still a lot of my personal information they are getting access to.

Take a minute now to run through your apps and get rid of ones you never use and restrict permissions the best you can.

Learn more about all of Facebook’s privacy settings on the Facebook privacy resource page.

If you have any privacy tips or recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.



  • 42ity

    Shirley, Facebook says I do not have any Apps; yet Huffington Post still posts vociferously on my Facebook page. While I do have a Huffington Post account, I do NOT wish to have them SPAM my Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions?