How to Create a Facebook Favorite Pages List

When using Facebook as your personal profile are you noticing a decrease in the number of updates you are receiving from your favorite Facebook pages in your Facebook news feed?  When using Facebook as your page, are you noticing it is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve the desired visibility for your posts in your fans news feeds? Well, here is a solution that may help.

Just as you can organize your friends into lists, you can also set up lists of your favorite Facebook pages. The following instructions (provided by will show you step-by-step how to create a list of your favorite Facebook pages.

Once you have done this yourself, consider educating the fans of your Facebook business page to do the same so they don’t miss out on the valuable content you are providing them. By doing so, you should see an increase in your Facebook page engagement. 

Follow these easy steps to create your list of favorite Facebook pages:

how to create Facebook favorite pages list

Additionally, don’t forget you also organize your needs feeds according to “most recent first” or “top stories” simply by clicking on the sort arrow located on the top right of your news feed.

Facebook News Feed Sort


For more information on sorting your Facebook news feed, read a previous blog post: How to sort your Facebook News Feed.

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