How to Get Your Social Content ‘Clickin’

If you are just starting out in the social business world you either already know or will soon know that content is the new currency on the social web. For quite some time, we internet marketers have been preaching “content is king” which I still believe is true. However, content has experienced a slight shift from “reigning ruler” of the social media world to the “currency” by which the whole world revolves.

The way it works is pretty simple–content is published, circulated and then spent by marketers and users all over the web. Valuable content is ultimately used to leverage important assets such as relationships, trust and loyalty. However, not all companies have the budgets or resources to generate their own custom content but are able to stay in the game by circulating other people’s content, “spending” it over and over again. The publishers of the “valuable content” encourage their content be shared in hopes of reaping huge benefits from their social investments.

The good news is that with a little research and brainstorming just about any business can jump into the new social exchange and succeed.   Here is an excerpt from a great article I found on by Arik Hanson that provides one of the best lists I’ve seen of practical ways to get started generating and curating content for your social business. Get the list>>

* Scan hash tags and search terms within your industry regularly on Twitter. See what issues are bubbling to the top and write about those.

* Scan Twitter lists within your industry. Find out what these key influencers and folks are talking about and consider weighing in with your two cents on those topics–and don’t forget to feature their tweets prominently in your post.

* Develop a list of 10-20 key blogs in your industry, put them in a blog reader and sift through them once a week. Find out what these people are discussing and take a contrarian viewpoint. Again, make sure you link back to the original post for which you’re taking a contrarian viewpoint.

* Scan LinkedIn Answers for common questions that are popping up on the platform. Better yet, take one of those questions that’s generating a decent amount of responses and build a blog post around it using the question and answers in your post (with links back to anyone who might have a blog)

* Search Quora for key questions that are emerging in your industry. Take a look at the answers to see if you agree. If not, build a post around what your answer might be.

* Aggregate and curate. Go back and review the blogs you follow. Find 5-10 posts around one key topic and create your own post with links back to those original articles.

* Review session topics at upcoming industry events and conferences. Or, monitor Twitter and other social networks for people who are talking about these sessions after the event. That will give you a pretty good indication which topics are hotter than others.

* Read articles in industry publications and news sites. See if there’s any bigger picture issues you could comment on in a blog post or video post. You’re just looking for a topic you feel strongly about–something you can offer opinion about.

If this list seems overwhelming to you, perhaps my social media management services can help. I offer several trial programs to help get you started as well as individual strategy/brainstorming sessions.

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