How to Grow a Local Pinterest Following

Pinterest iconIn my Florida Keys-based social media management and training business, I’m find myself fielding more and more questions about the hot new social network–Pinterest. Not too surprising, really, since the new darling of the social world has gained nearly overnight world-wide web popularity. At the start of 2012, Pinterest saw a 155% increase in unique visitors just one month ( and hasn’t stopped climbing off the charts since. The first thing most local businesses want to know is this rising red planet a social space they should jump into? Next, what is the best way to quickly grow a local Pinterest following?

First things first. Whether or not a business should use Pinterest to market their product or services depends on what they want to accomplish. If the business is one that depends on driving high-volume traffic to a web site to increase sales then Pinterest is definitely a great place to be. In recent months, a great number of big brands and blogs have reported receiving more traffic from Pinterest than Twitter and Facebook.

The most important thing to understand when considering creating a Pinterest account for a business is to make sure to use Pinterest as it is intended–as a place to give and receive ideas and inspiration not a place to overly sell or promote. For best results, find ways to go beyond just posting product  photos and share culture and lifestyle images that parallel the given product or service.

Now, on to the best way to grow a local following on Pinterest — here’s how:  

Start by entering the local area name (city or state) in the Pinterest search bar in the upper left corner and click on the search icon on the right.  Click on  “people” to filter the appropriate results and voila, the page should fill with local pinners just waiting to be followed. Don’t stop there!  Expand the Pinterest search by entering neighboring areas as well. Because Pinterest requires members to sign in with Twitter or Facebook, the local searchable data is included making it easy to find other local pinners in any given area. Once following other locals, get noticed by liking and repinning and in no time things will start to get ‘Pinteresting.” One more tip–prior to setting out on a serious search and follow mission, take time to set up a few boards filled with ideas and inspirations of your own so those you follow will be interested in following you back.

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