How to integrate and optimize your online assets

Has your web site seen an increase or decrease in traffic since aligning it with Facebook. Some big brands are beginning to report static and even negative web site traffic growth while watching their Facebook traffic soar. So what does the future hold and would brands be better served replacing the company web site with their Facebook page?

It is anyone’s guess what the future holds, especially when it comes to Facebook and world of social media,  however it doesn’t make much sense to put all your eggs into one basket you neither own nor control.

I definitely agree with digital marketing specialist Jeff Bullas who stated in a recent blog post that businesses should focus on both Facebook and their company web site rather than on replacing their web site with Facebook. Listed below are nine great tips Jeff offered for integrating online assets so that all associated channels continue to grow.

1. Start using Facebook to drive traffic to the official website by providing obvious links on Facebook tabs and info page

2. Use Facebook to drive traffic to the company blog(s) by offering an excerpt of the first paragraph with a link to the article in Facebook update

3. Provide links to your other online properties on Facebook such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn

4. Capture emails on Facebook when fans come to the landing page

5. Create a Facebook competition which requires finding information on your website or blog, announce you will publish the competition winners on your official website

6. Tell your fans about a special offer they can download from the website.

7. Integrate e-mail marketing with social media so you can increase your brand’s own customer database.

8. Offer specials on your Facebook store that take them to your own eCommerce store

9. Think of your website as your core destination for developing a social business.

Click here to read Jeff Bullas’ full article discussing whether Facebook is killing the company web site.

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