How to shorten your Google+ URL

If  you are using Google+ you may find your Google+ url a bit long and clunky to use when sharing online and offline. I suppose because Google+ is still in its infancy, the new social network has not yet provided a url shortening option. Fortunately, there are numerous Google+ url shorteners that have popped up to help solve this issue. My favorite is Google Plus Nick that offers a custom username attached to Google Plus Nick or seems to have been around the longest and is widely used.

To shorten your Google+url, just go to, enter the username or nickname you want to use (3-25 characters), provide your Google+ id (just the numbers) and tada, that’s it, you have a shortened url that will be much easier to use.

Google Plus url shortenerMine is

Go to to get yours today! Afterwards, come back and share your new Google+ shortened url in the comments below. If you know someone who could also benefit from this Google+ tip, be sure to share the knowledge using the social sharing buttons on the left.



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