How to Use a #Hashtag to Promote Your Next Event

how to use a hashtag in event marketingIt would be rare these day to spend time online without running across a hashtag. Hashtags have become a universally used symbol on social networks to label content and collect conversations. Hashtags it possible for anyone interested in a particular event or topic to quickly discover additional conversation and content. Twitter was the social network really responsible for birthing the concept of the hashtag and it was eventually adopted across most other top social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus. The use of hashtags have become increasingly more popular after the recent integration into Facebook.   The fact that #hashtags are now so completely ingrained into the fabric of al these social networks, they have become an essential element for any successful event marketing campaign. recently published an article discussing how to use #hashtags for event marketing. Here are 6 takeaway tips you can use for creating a strategy to get the most out of attaching a #hashtag to your next event. 

  1. Begin your hashtag a few weeks prior to the actual event to begin to build intrigue, buzz and emotional ties to the event.  
  2. Include the hashtag in the title of your event so it will be prominent in all promotional material, on and offline. 
  3. Don't forget about the hashtag once the event starts.  Live tweeting from an event is an absolute must but should be done with a thoughtful plan in place so as to not annoy your followers. If you're not sure how, be sure to research how to properly live-tweet from an event. You will be glad you did. 
  4. Expand your #hashtag reach by partnering with people, services and other events who are a relevant fit for your event? 
  5. Monitor and analyze your own hashtag. You can do manual searches online to see who is mentioning you and how much of an impression you hashtag made! You may also use hashtag tracking tools such as
  6. After the event, create a transcript from Twitter so you can capture, analyse and share all the buzz and conversation. 

Curious, have you incorporated a hashtag into any of your event marketing? If so, please share any good tips or examples you may have in the comments below. 



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