Best Resources to Grow Your Small Business Using Pinterest

So you have heard about the latest social media darling, Pinterest, and you are wondering if your business should jump on board.  If you ask me, I say…YES! After all, it is not only super fun, the new social site directed more traffic across the web in January 2012 than Youtube, Stumbleupon and Google+.  According to AppData, Pinterest has gained over 10.4 million users, 97% of which are women. While Pinterest is currently trending significantly more female, I believe this will change and more males will be following quickly in the female footsteps.

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, in a nutshell it is a virtual pin up board where people have fun creating or browsing other’s pin boards  to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share similar interests. Individuals and businesses are finding new and different ways to use Pinterest each day. Here are five of the best resources I found useful to learn how to use Pinterest for a business or brand.

  1. Pinterest: A Beginners Guide to the Hot New Social Network
  2. Pinterest PowerHouse Tips and Tricks for Business Users
  3. Top Tips for Brands on Pinterest
  4. 30 Resources, Tips and Tricks for your Business on Pinterest
  5. Pinsantity: How sports teams are using Pinterest

Additionally, here are links to three of the top brands currently using Pinterest. I highly suggest following these brands to learn from their best practices.

  1. RealSimple
  2. The Beauty Department
  3. HGTV

The opportunities for taking advantage of this visually-charged social network are limitless and I for one look forward to continuing to discover the power of Pinterest. You can follow me at

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