I’m in love with Google Plus!

Well, not exactly because I’m still trying to figure out how to use Google+, but I found this funny video featuring a catching tune “I’m in love with Google Plus” that I thought was so hysterical I had to share it.


Like I said, I’m one of the many people out there still playing with the world’s latest and greatest new social network. While I am just getting started, I must say I am fascinated by the rapid growth of Google+, taking just over 2 weeks to reach 10 million users with no end in sight. So far it seems very user friendly and intuitive. I love how easy the circle concept is.  I’m a huge Google product user so it nice to have a social platform that works seamlessly with so many of the applications I’m already using.  I have found it an awesome place to curate content straight from the business elite which is exciting. Check out some of the business leaders on Google+ you can rub elbows with in your circles in the Google+ Top 100 List (gotta love it that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tops the list.)

As most people, I’m obviously quite interested to see what the future holds for Google+ especially when it comes to business accounts.

So I wish I had more personal experience and information to offer you on how to effectively use Google+ but at the moment I think I am better off providing you with some links to Google Plus resources I have found most helpful below.

What’s So Exciting about Google+ (By Mari Smith)

How to Use Google+

Google+ 101 Guide

6 Google+ Features Facebook doesn’t have

The Mother of all Google+ Resource List

Are you using Google+? If so please  add me to your Google+ Circles and let me know in the comments below what you like most about Google+.  I would also love to know what you thought about the Google Plus video above.




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