Is Social Media right for your business?

As a social media manager I spend my days tooting the horn of the social media marketing train and encouraging businesses to jump on board as quickly as possible. Why not–it’s sexy, new and super cool and all of the recent social media stats point to its rapidly growing popularity with no end in sight. However, the truth is social media really may not be right for every business. posted an excellent article on this topic outlining the four main reasons social media may not work for every business. Their four reasons included:

1. Not all markets and demographics are using social media.
2. Not all businesses have adequate resources and time to invest in social media.
3. Traditional tried and true marketing methods may be a better use of resources.
4. Communication culture may not be conducive to social media.

As Laura Click so simply put in the article, “Using social media as a one-way megaphone for messages will only backfire. Unless your company understands the two-way nature of social media, it might not be the right fit for you.”

My job as a social media manager is to try to assess a client’s culture and commitment to make sure the real marketing needs of the business can be appropriately met with social media.  And if social media is deemed a good fit, make sure a social strategy is put in place that accurately matches the company’s culture, commitment and resources.

You can read the full article here:


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