My Favorite Social Things in 2012

Shirley Wilson Favorite Social Things 2012


Here we are nearing the end of 2012 and if you’re like me you are probably dizzy wondering where the last 11 months have gone.  Looking back, I'm pretty certain a great deal of my days were spent keeping up with the latest social network updates, sifting through news feeds, posting status updates, joining conversations and gaining an enormous amount of wonderful new friendships and connections.  It has been an exciting year on the social web and opportunities to market our businesses and connect with our customers have exploded in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined.  

After spending as much time as I have this year “being social” not only for myself but for my clients, I have accumulated a few favorite social things that have drastically improved my experience. If you want to be seriously social in 2013, I give to you my list of favorite social things in 2012.

  1. Hootsuite: This is a truly one of the most powerful and time-saving tools for anyone managing multiple social profiles/accounts. It is a superb web-based application that enables you to connect with your favorite social platforms in one place. You can view news feeds, schedule updates, monitor keywords, engage and more all in one place rather than spending time ducking in and out of social spaces all over the internet. I do caution  it can be a little overwhelming when you first start using Hootsuite but once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you ever lived in the social world without it.  Price: Hootsuite has a free plan if you have under 5 profiles to manage. I use the pro version for $9.99/month for unlimited profiles and a lot of other great  amenities.
  2. BufferApp: Like Hootsuite, this web-based program helps you efficiently schedule your updates to Facebook and Twitter. Buffer App is a life-saver when curating content allowing you to easily share interesting articles you find throughout the day on a pre-defined schedule. Their customer service is also super responsive and personal which makes me like this service even more. Price: FREE for one social profile. I use their  “awesome plan” and for just $10.00/month I can have up to 12 social profiles and unlimited posts.
  3. PicMonkey: When it comes to the social web, images are everything! I love this online tool not only because it is free but because it is super fun and makes image editing incredibly easy and available for everyone. You can crop, make collages and even add text to your photos. Price: FREE
  4. SocialOomph: This a social media management tool that I must admit was not one of my favorite things in 2011 but after giving it another try this year it has gained top 5 status on my favorites list. For me, SocialOomph takes the "busy time" out of social media and give me more quality "engagement time." Price: $3.97/bi-weekly. 
  5. Manageflitter: If you spend much time on Twitter you know how important it is to be able to sort through your following/follower lists and keep your ratios in check.  This is an amazing tool that has helped me grow my following, realize who isn’t following back,  discover non-active people I'm following and realize the best time for me to tweet. Price: There is a basic plan that is FREE and the first premium plan starts at $12/month.     

As you look back on the past year, what are some of your favorite social things?


  • These are all great apps that I love too! Social oomph is my favorite now I have to say. Picmonkey runs a close 2nd! I love your site! So Pretty!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Elizabeth – SocialOomph is life changing isn’t. Appreciate your kind words about my site branding. Always a work in progress 🙂

  • All great tools for sure! Have used Photoshop for years but Picmonkey is pretty amazing!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Kim – I think PicMonkey is a nice little escape Photoshop.

  • Thanks for the post! All great tools I love, except for PicMonkey! We haven’t developed a good relationship so far, but Im sure if I spend some time with it I’ll fall in love!

  • You mentioned some pretty amazing tools! I use HootSuite and Manageflitter on a daily basis.

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Rebecca!

  • Those are amazing tools! My favorite is PicMonkey…don’t know how I got along without out it, before!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Hi Sherie, so glad you agree. Thanks for your comment! Shirley

  • Thanks for this Shirley! I had never heard of PicMonkey, can’t wait to try it!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Beware Kelly — it’s addicting!

  • Definitely agree that Pic Monkey is amazing! Makes me feel so creative! Great tips, thanks!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks for your comment Denny. Glad you also have fun with PicMonkey.

  • I can’t wait to try PicMonkey … always have a hard time with graphics so I just bookmarked it. Thanks.

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      This will take your graphics from hard to easy. Have fun with it. Shirley

  • Vicky

    Thanks for sharing your favourite tools. PicMonkey sounds amazing.

  • I just used Hootsuite on my phone today for the first time and it is awesome! I have been using it on my computer for some time now but this just upped the anti!!!

  • Thanks for sharing your list Shirley! Love Hootsuite, especially with productivity!