New Facebook Pages – What your business needs to know!

The new Facebook pages are here and as with any Facebook update, it’s being received with mixed reviews. I personally am excited about the new opportunities the updated design offers. The new Facebook pages mirror the Facebook Timeline for personal pages that was released toward the end of 2011. The Facebook page design officially switches for all Facebook pages on March 30, 2012 but page owners have the option to preview and pre-publish their pages now.

If you want to preview what your page(s) will look like with the new Facebook pages designclick here now.

Since the new page option just became available (Feb. 29, 2012) I haven’t had much time to explore and completely understand all the new design has to offer. However, I have switched my social media management business page and so far I like what I see.

Listed below are eight new options you have with the new Facebook pages. (There are many more but here are just a few to get you started understanding your new page. )

1. The new cover photo allows for much better branding of your page. However, Facebook has made it clear they do not want the cover photo used as a billboard for calls to action and incentives for “liking” a page.  The proper size for the new cover image  is 399 px wide. Read the Facebook Cover Image guidelines here.

2. You have a thumbnail image that sits atop the lower left corner of your cover image. This image will be used to represent your page across Facebook. It is recommended to use a logo or some image best represents your brand.

3. You can control what you think are your most important messages at the top of your page.

4. You can more easily respond to fan activity and private messages, yes I said private messages (isn’t that cool) from your admin panel at the top of your page. Make sure you have your “Messages” turned on in the Manage Permissions panel.  I believe you can only respond to private messages at this time.

5. Easily see your latest new “likes” in the new admin panel.

6. The most troublesome change is that welcome landing tabs/pages no longer seem to be an option for fans to land on which could have a negative affect on conversions. This change is no doubt frustrating to businesses who had invested in creating landing tabs leaving them to scrambling to rethink their strategies.Fans will still be able to see your welcome page in the apps section of your page.

7. You can now pin a post to stick at the top of your timeline as well as highlight a post so that it appears larger (full width of the page). When you pin a post you can leave it pinned for up to seven days.

8. You can now change the dates of your posts so they appear in in the timeline where you want them to.

For a comprehensive and easy to understood tutorial of the new Facebook page, I highly recommend watching the “Learn Facebook Pages” video created by Facebook. Here is a screenshot of what my new page looks like. I am using a temporary cover image for now but am looking forward to doing something fun and creative with this large new space available to brand my business.

New Facebook pages example 2012

If you are having trouble switching your Facebook, you can troubleshoot here at Facebook Help for Pages. If that doesn’t work feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to offer assistance. I am also available to help you create a new branded cover image for your new Facebook page you should need it.

I’m excited to use and learn more about what the new page design can offer.  I am interested to hear what you like most and dislike most about the new Facebook pages in the comments below.  If you have found this post helpful, I encourage you to share it with your networks using the options available on the left of the page.






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