Social Media Time Management is the Biggest Challenge for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Social media time management biggest challenge for businesses

A recent survey, published by InformationWeek, analyzed social media usage among small and mid-sized businesses. While 63 percent of those surveyed are trying to market their business through social media, 62 percent of small businesses said social media time managment is their number one obstacle. Similarly, mid-sized businesses put time management in the number two slot. How can your business overcome this challenge and reap the benefits of an effective social media strategy? Consider these top three tips.

  1. Define your objective. Identifying your reason for using social media is the first step to creating a strategy. Are you trying to attract new business, connect with industry leaders, keep up with current trends or all of the above? Figure this out first. Then, start drafting your strategy.
  2. Create a strategy. It seems simple, but the above mentioned research found that ad-hoc social media usage had gone up among mid-sized businesses while structured strategies had actually decreased. Plan your strategy by first creating a schedule for social media. Don't leave your tweets and postings to chance. This way, visiting social media sites will not eat away hours of your day or get pushed aside while you are working on other priorities. Secondly, focus your strategy on the sites that reap the most ROI. Thirty percent of companies surveyed said they are confused about which sites to focus on. Don't feel like you have to be everywhere. Quality is better than quantity. You do not need to "friend" and "connect" with everyone. Think about the virtual world in real world terms. You wouldn't develop a direct mail campaign and include everyone. You would research, define your audience and target them. The same holds true for online marketing. Find out the sites your customers are visiting. If they are mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn, then focus your attention there. Is there a smaller industry-specific site that would be worth your time?
  3. Utilize tools. The right tools make any job easier. Take advantage of the social media tools available. There are tools that allow you to update your status across multiple sites at once instead of having to log-in and re-type your status over and over. Use applications, such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or MarketMeSuite, to collect numerous online activities in one place and follow colleagues and other industry leaders without having to go to multiple sites. Set up RSS feeds to have your favorite blog updates, social media searches and other key information delivered right to the media reader of your choice. However, be aware that the survey found "ill-fitting tools" to be another challenge to effective time management. Consult with others in your industry or social media marketing specialists to identify the right tools for your business.

My team and I understand navigating the world of social media is not easy. Contact us for help developing your time-efficient social media strategy.

  • great post I did one about know where and what to post too! Tools also can be time sucks! awesome my dear!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Yes tools can definitely be a time suck culprit! Thanks for your comment.

  • Jerry Wilkinson

    Time management is huge I appreciate your suggestions and recommendations!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Jerry!

  • I so agree Shirley, having a good strategic plan and working that plan is key.

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Jackie!

  • I so agree Shirley, having a good strategic plan and working that plan is key.

  • I so agree Shirley, having a good strategic plan and working that plan is key.

  • I have found this to be absolutely a must…of course it took me several years to figure out! So wish I had this information then! 🙂

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Denny for your comment.

  • Still learning and great information. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks Carol!

  • Tools are probably the thing that are most important to my success because they save me so much time to concentrate on the most important aspects of my business.

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Sara, I agree – using the right social media management tools do allow you more time to focus on the real engaging parts of business.

  • When you have the right tools, it makes all the difference! Thanks for the post and the reminder to use those tools!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Sherie! The right tools do make all the difference.

  • Love the tips on time management. This is definitely an area I am working on right now.

  • I haven’t found really where my ideal market is so I need to work on my strategy. Thanks for the reminder!

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      That is the toughest part isn’t it. Best of luck!

  • Time management is a hugs factor in some small business owners failing at social media . One has to have a strategy and a system and use it daily 🙂 Great article!

  • Vicky

    Great tips for time management… always a challenge. Thanks for sharing.

    • shirleywilsonsocial

      Thanks Vicky for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  • Social Media Time Management…this doesn’t surprise me one bit that this is so high on people’s radars. At times, there can be so many items to manage.

  • Lorii Abela

    Excellent tips! They are very useful and efficient in time management. Your strategy to figure out which social media to focus on is such an important thing to consider on managing an online business.

  • Very helpful post, I especially approve your thought on working with social media time management challenge.
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