Top 5 Things Successful Social Businesses Do Everyday

Top 5 things social businesses do everydaySocial media is the best and most cost effective way to reach out to potential customers, improve your business's image, and enhance the level of service provided to clients. For business owners and marketers who are new to social marketing, the process of incorporating social media into the everyday running of an organization can seem overwhelming.  Here is a list of suggested daily tasks successful social businesses do everyday.

1) Commit to being present on a daily basis

So many companies start out in the social world with great intentions and invest a serious time and money into creating well designed social media profiles, only to leave them ignored for weeks at a time. Simply checking on your pages at least once a day allows you keep an eye on what your customers are saying and monitor the growth of your following. Whether your company is focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ or all of the above, committing to logging in and being present on a daily basis is the first step in your daily social business routine.

2) Respond to Comments

Undoubtedly the most effective single action in social media marketing, is responding quickly to the messages that you receive. People who are interested enough to engage proactively with your company are likely to become loyal customers in the future, so it is worthwhile responding with respect and appreciation for the attention they have given you. A simple thank you for stopping by, sharing or commenting on content can go a long way. This also encourages other engaged social networkers to do the same. In the case of negative comments, responding quickly in a positive way prevents any further damage to your image and gives you an opportunity to resolve the situation. 

3) Post interesting content

You can update your followers with a wide range of interesting content concerning your brand or industry, such as tips, news,  events, services and special offers  that they might find useful. Try to keep the overly promotional posts to a minimum and stick to updates that allow you to engage or spark an interest with potential customers.  When posting updates, think more about how the information can help your customer versus how it can help you or business.  A good way to encourage comments and conversation is to include a friendly,"We'd like to hear what you think" or "Share your thoughts in the comment below" at the end of your posts.

4) Seek out new followers

Actively reaching out to new followers is an effective method of expanding your audience base, and it is especially necessary for small or new business. On open social networks like Twitter, it is relatively easy to build up follower numbers. Begin by searching for the profiles of authority figures within your industry, and then follow their followers. Most of these people will have an interest in your area of industry, and many will follow you back automatically. On permission-based sites like Facebook, it is a little more difficult to expand your following but if you spend time engaging as your page in target rich environments, such as other business pages where you know your customers are fans, you will be begin to connect with others and bring them back into your community.

5) Monitor your key terms

Your company's social media presence might not always be limited to your own profiles. To get a full picture of public opinion, it is a good idea to carry out a quick search of key terms linked to your business. By doing this you can find where the conversations are happening and jump in and offer your expertise. This is a step that many businesses starting out in the social world miss so adding this task to your daily routine can definitely help you stand out from your competition.  One easy way to do this is to use a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to monitor the key terms.  You may also want to subscribe to Google Alerts and alerts for your selected key words to be sure to stay on top of conversations related to your business. Responding to comments from these outside sources is a great way to build up your image as an engaged, customer-focused business.

Being able to engage, interact, and build up a relationship with customers online can seem like a daunting task at first. Fortunately, keeping up a positive online social media presence for your business does not need to be overwhelming if you follow these five easy tasks.

  • Hi Shirley; I found that very helpful. One of my challenges is to be on my social media sites every day but I do agree that it is important and if I becomes a part of the daily routine it will become easier. After all if I had a store there would be things that I would have to repeat day after day to keep the store going so this really isn’t that different!

  • Jackie Harder

    Nicely done, Shirley! I wish everyone could read this, particularly your points about being consistent and responding to people who comment. There’s nothing worse than making a comment on a post that isn’t acknowledged.