Three tips to improve your engagement on mobile devices

Engagement on mobile deviceWhen strategizing on how to grab your customers' attention in your social media campaign it is smart to consider how much of your audience may be accessing your content on the go from mobile devices. A recent report by Rhythm New Media indicates some 74 percent of customers use Facebook on their mobile devices several times per day, and 68 percent engage with brands on Facebook on their mobile devices. The same study also found that engagement on mobile devices is not always centered on obtaining discounts and deals, but also simply showing loyalty to brands. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your company's engagment on mobile devices, recently offered these three great tips:  

  1. As you create your social media campaigns, think about how they will play out on mobile devices. That means keeping posts short and sweet, using images that display well on mobile devices, and thinking about the kinds of content users will want to see on the go.
  2. If you use mobile advertising, consider putting social media buttons within the ad so that users can easily share, tweet or like it. The Rhythm New Media study reported that social media buttons in ads increased using engagement by 36 percent.
  3. If your current social media campaigns are focused on discounts and deals, expand what you do to appeal to loyal customers. Consider spotlighting customers, encouraging them to share photos or make comments, or asking questions so users will feel like they’re part of your brand.


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    Great tips for improving your company’s engagement on mobile devices.