5 Things to Consider When Building Your Company’s Online Branding

5 things to consider when building your online brandMost of us nowadays are familiar with the building blocks of online presence: website, social media, customer reviews and so on.

But what’s harder to define is your company’s online branding. Merely being a “presence” isn’t enough to really get your company’s name out to the people who need your products and services. 

Online branding is, in essence, your cross-platform strategy which presents your company (or you, if that’s the goal) as an expert in the field.  Simply starting a website and filling in the log-in details for a bunch of social media accounts will create a presence. It won’t create a brand. Good branding reflects the quality of your company, not just how easy it is to search for it on the Internet. 

It’s helpful, when you’re devising your online brand, to fully answer these questions: 

1. Who are your customers?

2. When your customers contact you online, what services will they need? 

3. What kind of things will they wish to provide feedback on? 

4. What value can you offer them?

5. How much time do you have to provide customer service on your social media outlets? 

The last question is important to answer before you embark on a mission to sign up for every last social media platform on the Internet–it’s no good having a Twitter account, say, if you don’t have someone assigned to updating it and making it into a useful tool for your company. If all of your staff are fully booked on other projects, you may consider outsourcing part or all of your online brand management.

Once you know what your company’s brand is, and who will be responsible for maintaining it, put your critical thinking cap on and go over your website carefully. Your  company’s website should be the hub for all the rest of your online activity, for content and for design elements. After analyzing your site, go to your platforms and check for consistency. 

If you are inconsistent across platforms your customers may not know who they’re dealing with. For example, if you’re “Joe’s Widget Factory” on Facebook but “Sally Widget” on Twitter, your customers may be confused.The same is true for your logos and the other design elements that represent your company. 

After these matters are sorted out, it’s time to focus all your energy on creating great content. Content on your social media and website is what will really push you in front of your competition and make you stand out in the minds of prospective customers. 

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  • Lori

    This is a great reminder of the fact that you real do have to know your ideal client. I have a visual image of exactly who my idela customer is and it helps. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I am re-branding and looking to build a new community soon! Great insights jeer 🙂

  • Love this outline of important things to consider while building your brand! Very helpful! Thanks!

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    Good article, as a newbie I need to learn a lot regarding social media.

  • Online branding is so important to the overall marketing strategy … great post.

  • In the beginning I had all different handles. I see the importance finally and am all sorted out. Great job spreading the word, people like me need it!

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    Helpful information for building an online brand. Thanks for sharing.

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    Love the post Shirley! Branding plays a critical role in marketing and having these tips significantly makes online brand management as easy as 123.