12 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

12 ways to use Twitter for BusinessSo you’re still not convinced that Twitter is an appropriate social media tool for your business. You’re not alone. Many business owners are still trying to decide if, when and how to improve their business with tweets.

Others are not so shy and a quick search will show just how many businesses — from the corner coffee shop to international corporations are successfully using Twitter for business.

If you are still wavering, consider these 10 ways you can use Twitter for business.

  1. Open a new channel for making contact with customers and partners;
  2. Promote your brand;
  3. Interact with your customers;
  4. Generate discussion around topics that help enhance your brand;
  5. Manage your social media image;
  6. Keep up with what other people in business are doing;
  7. Discover what others in your field are doing and saying;
  8. Send out timely information on specials, sales and events;
  9. Engage with your customers on anything from local happenings to problem resolution.
  10. Digital marketing is all about making connections and Twitter can help you do that.
  11. You can use your tweets to drive followers and fans to your other social media links and to your business website.
  12. You can use tweets to promote causes that are important to your business and community. You can tweet about the weather, congratulate your local heroes, invite your fans to a community event.

Considering all these possibilities (and there are many more), it's clear that Twitter, even with its 140-character limits, can be a versatile tool in your social media marketing plan. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s mobile. It’s even fun.

If you want to learn more about how to use Twitter to help you build your business, contact me or feel free to leave your questions below. If you are already using Twitter for business, I encourage you to leave a comment with any of your favorite ways Twitter can be used for business. 


  • Tippy

    I absolutely agree with you. I came across your page through my twitter actually. Really enjoy your blog and what you are doing. Keep it up!