We’ve Got a Facebook Business Page–Now What?

Got a Facebook page, now what?

Your company's Facebook business page can be a powerful tool, opening the door to customer engagement, exposing your products to new demographics, and defining your brand and company core values. 

But, it can take a bit of effort to set up your business page so that it's doing the work you want it to do. 

Let's look at some simple ways you can make your business's Facebook page more effective and more attractive. 

Know the differences between platforms

The first thing you should do is understand the differences between Facebook and your other social media platforms. Each of the major players in the social media "universe" have different strengths and weaknesses, and they often attract people who want different things out of their social media experiences. 

One of the greatest things about Facebook is that it is a bit more versatile than, say, YouTube or Twitter.  While you can post short snippets of text with links, like on Twitter, and you can post videos, like on YouTube, with Facebook you can do both. And you should. 

Facebook is a great platform for a variety of content–videos about your product or services; links to articles you find interesting or to articles your company is mentioned in;photos of your team, office or customers. It's also a great place to share other people's content, even if it's just a silly picture of a cat sleeping on a TV, or a cartoon making a joke about office life. Facebook is one venue where you can let your hair down a little (but with caution!) and show a fun side to your business and company culture.

Add Your Branding

Once you've brainstormed some different kinds of content for your Facebook page, you should set about making it look professional. 

Don't underestimate the difference a nice header image and profile picture (usually, your company's logo) will make. The page's overall appearance should be an appropriate reflection of your brand. It is worth the money to pay for a stock image for your header, or to pay a graphic artist to create a unique, compelling image for your company's Facebook page. However, do take into account that if you choose to incorporate text on your header, it shouldn't be more than 20 percent text, and there should be no contact information embedded in it–that's Facebook policy. Take a look at some of your favorite companies' pages and take notes on their representative images. Use your notes to help you brainstorm more effective images for your own use. 

Use the Apps

Facebook business pages have a lot of useful apps you can utilize. For example, their map app will help customers find your offices. Other apps will let you create branded landing pages for email opt-ins, or let your customers sign up for webinars that you deliver. The possibilities here are quite exciting!  Additionally, you can link to your other social media platforms here, making sure anybody who wants to engage has plenty of places to do so. 

Interact and Give Back

Don't only expect people to come to your Facebook page, spend some time "liking" other companies and causes on Facebook. Sharing and commenting on other pages will help bring you more traffic, and will help cement any online connections you forge. 

For information on my social media training and consulting services, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

  • Sue

    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lori

    Thanks for sharing this info! It reminds me I need to be using the apps on my page! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Lori for stopping by. App can make a real difference with your page.

  • great outline of what to do on your business page. I’m trying out a new app and I’ll let everyone know how it works out!

  • I can’t remember much about my apps. I should get in there and check them out soon. Great post Shirley!

  • Facebook is my number one website referral source … it’s great for social interaction.

  • Thanks for the reminder about apps…got work to do now!

  • My fan page need work! Its in the works though 🙂 Great insights!

  • Awesome tips Shirley! I think the apps are the most under utilized resources. Great post.

  • Great tips! I love that you reminded people about the policies surrounding cover images. I see so many people even now who totally ignore the 20 percent rule.

  • Vicky

    Great tips Shirley. I need to focus more on apps. Thanks!

  • Edmundsunlee

    Love your post Shirley. I totally agree that Facebook is a versatile social media platform and a very good venue for business marketing.