What I learned from Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Semper Social’

How to Enchant with Social Media

I recently had the opportunity to hang out, virtually of course, with social media super stars/authors Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith in a fun and informative webinar titled “Semper Social.” During the special online event Guy presented his “daily dozen” tactics to being what he calls “enchanting” on today’s social web. The 12 recommendations he offers are an overview from his new book “Enchantment.” I haven’t yet read the book but it is definitely on my summer social reading list. I got so much out of the 45 minutes I spent online with Guy and Mari that I wanted to share everything I learned with you.

First, in case you can’t remember what you learned in high school Latin (btw: I’m a dork and took Latin in college too) the title of the webinar ‘Semper Social” means “Always Social.” I love this because one of the things I am always telling friends and clients is that being successful on the social web isn’t about “doing social media” it’s about “being social” and I feel like this title gives some real credibility to that.

1. Be Likeable:
Have you ever been enchanted by someone you don’t like? Probably not. In order get people to “like” you, “follow” or “hang out” with you, first you need to be “likeable.” Start with a great smile and dress equal to your audience – Design your site and content to be positive, welcoming and have an appearance that makes people feel comfortable.

2. Be trustworthy:
Just think, you can like someone like a celebrity but not trust them. To be “enchanting” you have to be both likeable and trustworthy. In order to be trustworthy you must trust others first. Don’t be fooled about who should trust who first. The burden of trust is on you to trust first. Always think “yes!” Ask “How can I help you” versus “what am I going to have to do for you.” Some great examples of trustworthy brands include:
Amazon.com where you can buy a Kindle book and they give you 7 days to return it.
Zappos.com you can buy something and they will pay shipping both ways if you want to return it.

3. Be DICEE:
Deep: Be deep and intuitive know your customers pains and problems and offer ways to solve them.
Intelligent: Be smart, come up with unique solutions and advice.
Complete: The sum of something is bigger than its parts (isn’t that how the saying goes?) Think of Harley Davidson: People who buy Harley’s are not just buying a bike. They are buying a culture, service, accessories, special events–a whole experience!
Empowering: I love this one because I think it is one of the most exciting parts of the new social web where you can use your strengths and knowledge to enable others to grow and succeed.
Elegant: Make sure your product is designed and presented well.

4. Always Be Answering: (3 F’s)
Fast: Be quick about answering email, @replies, Direct Messages (DM), etc. For best results try to answer within 24 hours and you will be truly “enchanting.”
Flat: Answer people no matter who they are.. In today’s world, nobodies are somebodies. If enough nobodies like you then the somebodies will take notice. Having lots of nobodies and can be just as valuable as a few somebodies. So treat everyone the same no matter who they are especially since that person you thought was just a nobody could really be a somebody.
Frequent: Be consistent and do answer all the time not just some of the time. (I must admit this is a hard one.)

5. Always Be Thanking:
Thank anyone who says something nice about you or your product/or service. Always do this and it will take you far. People never get tired of being thanked.

6. Always Be Disclosing:
This means be transparent. Transparency makes communication clear and reliable
Pull back the curtains of your office and let people in. Show them behind the scenes and share your connections. Full disclosure builds trust and inspires interest.

7. Always Be Repeating
When you consider that the half life of a tweet is only a few minutes, it makes sense to tweet things more than once so more fans can see. There are time zones that affect when people read posts and most people are not sitting there all day watching their twitter stream or Facebook news feed. For those that don’t know, Guy is a high-volume tweeter, upwards of 60 times a day. He recommends tweeting the same information four times in a 24 hour period. This is quite ambitious but makes a good point if you want your information to be found. Consider that news channels are constantly repeating their information all day long so that the maximum number of people will see/hear it.

8. Always Be Subtle
Produce great content all the time so that you earn the right to promote your products and services to your fans. Think of NPR– they provide amazing content all day every day and only do a fundraising telethons a few times a year. You must give first and earn the right to promote and advertise to your followers. ( I tell my clients to use the 90/10 rule, which is 90% valuable content and 10% marketing messages)

9. Always Be Linking
This one is especially true on Twitter because Twitter is based on what Guy calls a “link economy”

The only exception to this rule about always providing links on Twitter is if you are a celebrity because then you are cool enough to get away with just posting random thoughts and recent activities. Otherwise, most people won’t care what you are talking about.

How to find great links to share:

Stumbleupon.com, they have a great curation community. Search your topic of interest and share what you find.
Smartbrief.com: They put out over 100+ newsletter so you can get briefed daily on what matters to you.
Alltop.com: An excellent directory of blogs that aggregates rrs feeds on just about any topic. Another one of Guy’s sites. Example: If you are a restaurant, post more in your feeds than just your specials. Provide expert opinions on food preparations, recipes, show you are a foodie. Restaurants can get tons of great content from food.alltop.com.

10. Always Be Monitoring/Searching

On Twitter, you can use advanced search and save your searches to keep up with what people are saying about you and your products.
You can also try:
Hibari (MAC only): A twitter app that allows you to create search algorithms to monitor and filter your keywords, you can block people you don’t want to get information from and filter your RT, SS, via to cut out the clutter if you want to.
Tweetriver: This site allows you do the same Hibari does. Displays a nice pure stream so you can monitor easily.
Tweetdeck: This one has been around a long time a very popular tool monitoring tool as well.

11. Always be snapping pictures (This mostly applies to Facebook)

Where as Twitter is a link economy, Facebook is a picture economy.

The Facebook community loves pictures so always attach a picture to your post whenever you can. Pictures quickly encourage engagement/response which will really help your EdgeRank score and get you seen in more newsfeeds.
Tip: Always take the time to crop your pictures and feature the best part of the image.

12. Always be commenting:
If someone comments on any of your posts, you should comment back. It is just as important as responding to email.

Whew! So that’s it! Are you feeling inspired to get out there and be more “enchanting?” I am!

Seriously though, I know that trying to do every one of these 12 tactics perfectly and consistently is a very tall order. I know I certainly don’t come close to being able to do it all. But the good news is that we all have the natural ability to do all of these things in one way or another and the sooner we figure out how to incorporate all of these suggestions into our daily business routines, the sooner we will experience true social success.

If you like the recommendations above, you can get more of the same in Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment. You can find out more about the book at http://www.facebook.com/enchantment and if you are ready for a serious tweet fest, you can follow him on Twitter @GuyKawasaki.



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