What is social business?

I keep seeing the term “social business” popping up more and more across the web these days. It seems there is quite a debate going on about just what it means and whether the term is even necessary at all.  I remember reading about a similar controversy a few years back about the appropriate usage of “social media” vs “social marketing” vs “social media marketing.”  I’m not sure that was ever resolved.  The new question revolves around whether the social media age is shifting from something spontaneous and a real life reflection to an age where everything is orchestrated, planned and integrated.  At it’s core “social” is about people not business but the two become blurred in the ever growing process of being liked & followed, conversations monitored, etc.  So when used for business purposes, is social media just another channel like public relations or advertising or should it be given it’s own name of “social business.” Or perhaps it is a combination of the two?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review titled “On Social Media Becoming Social Business”  offers great perspective on the topic and the comments that follow argue points even more interesting and insightful. If you are interested in learning more about the evolution of “social business” this an excellent read and of course feel free to jump in the conversation.

On Social Media Becoming Social Business by David Armano



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